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Dog Training Tips – How to Say Hello and Goodbye to Your Dog

Sometimes the way we say goodbye to a dog stresses him, making him think he’ll never see us again. Some experts recommend that you not tell your dog when you’re leaving; just come and go as you please. If that feels too weird to you, try toning down your farewell, substituting a casual goodbye and a casual greeting upon arrival. If that doesn’t help, try

not saying hello or goodbye at all, sending your dog the message that coming and going is totally unremarkable. I would try casual hellos and good-byes first: dogs certainly notice when their people leave, and it seems polite to say “goodbye” and “hello” to mark the rhythms of your day.

Some people get a lot of fun out of a big greeting from their dog when they return home each day. It’s wonderful to know someone who jumps around acting thrilled every time you come home, but it’s important to make sure your dog doesn’t use your return as an opportunity to bark, jump on you and generally misbehave. Don’t fall into the trap of giving your dog a “treat” that lets him break normal house rules: you’ll only be starting something you’ll have to fight later on.

When you’re trying to teach your puppy or dog the right behaviors, consistency counts. If your puppy starts barking because something exciting is going on, take the time to correct him right away. Don’t shout – dogs don’t understand shouting. Just say “hush” firmly (and once you’ve chosen your word, (“quiet”, “shush”, “hush”, etc.) stick with it –consistency counts here too). You may have to repeat “hush” several times, until your pup gets the point. Once the dog stops barking, wait a few seconds while maintaining eye contact to make sure he is finished and not just taking a big breath, then praise him and pat him, and tell him how good he is.

Article Summary

  1. Be casual with saying hello and goodbye.

  2. Teach and expect good behavior at greetings.

  3. Be consistent with training and with training words you use.

  4. Don’t give treats when you come home.

  5. Be consistent: correct barking right away, every time.

  6. Once barking stops, wait a few seconds while maintaining eye contact, then pat and praise.

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